Lynx-Virtual is an Android, iOS (Apple) and Web App that utilizes data collection tools to ensure that data is valid, accurate, complete and accessible and integrates with Lynx-HCF EMR. Individuals from the public can download the patient mobile app to access self-administered screening and testing questions. The app records the outcomes of the self-screening and self-testing, including the self-test kit information. Patients can also use the app to schedule virtual consultations with accredited healthcare professionals. Integration with Lynx-HCF EMR ensures that healthcare professionals are able to find and utilize the screening and testing information that patients have already captured

Who Should Enrol

All parents, teachers and staff members

Course Highlights

  • Introduction Training
  • Pre Application Training
  • Application Training Opening, Registering, and Logging in
  • Application Training- Main Menu
  • Application Training- COVID-19 Self Screening
  • Application Training- COVID-19 Self Screening, complete record as a teacher
  • Application Training- Results

Course Content

  • Lynx Virtual Introduction Training: provides an overview of the software’s capabilities
  • Lynx Virtual Pre-Application Training: focuses on preparation processes required to operate the application

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply important application procedures to effectively collect data 
  • Identify and evaluate potential application issues and solve them using appropriate corrective actions

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