Bonthuis Lynx Virtual


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Lynx-Virtual is an Android, iOS (Apple) and Web App that utilizes data collection tools to ensure that data is valid, accurate, complete and accessible and integrates with Lynx-HCF EMR. Individuals from the public can download the patient mobile app to access self-administered screening and testing questions. The app records the outcomes of the self-screening and self-testing, including the self-test kit information. Patients can also use the app to schedule virtual consultations with accredited healthcare professionals. Integration with Lynx-HCF EMR ensures that healthcare professionals are able to find and utilize the screening and testing information that patients have already captured

Course Highlights

  • General
  • Parents
  • Teachers

Who Should Enrol

All parents, teachers and staff members

Course Highlights

  • Introduction Training
  • Pre Application Training
  • Application Training Opening, Registering, and Logging in
  • Application Training- Main Menu
  • Application Training- COVID-19 Self Screening
  • Application Training- COVID-19 Self Screening, complete record as a teacher
  • Application Training- Results

Course Content

  • Lynx Virtual Introduction Training: provides an overview of the software’s capabilities
  • Lynx Virtual Pre-Application Training: focuses on preparation processes required to operate the application

Course Highlights

  • 24/7 availability
  • Enrolled users have on-demand access to relevant learning content at any time of the day.
  • Enrolled users partake in interactive learning assessments that solidify concepts related to usability of Lynx Virtual.
  • Easy-to-read PowerPoint presentations
  • Lynx content is broken into digestible relevant content

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply important application procedures to effectively collect data 
  • Identify and evaluate potential application issues and solve them using appropriate corrective actions