Qode Lynx m-Health Application Training is an online learning resource focused on providing users of Qode Lynx software interactive courses that increase understanding of Qode Lynx m-Health. The training hosts a variety of professional development activities focused on Lynx m-Health that include PowerPoint presentations, assessments, and additional resources such as how-to videos and frequently asked questions. Users who complete the training are awarded a Qode Lynx m-Health certificate. 

Who Should Enrol

Healthcare professionals using Qode Lynx m-Health to collect

patient data at point-of-care

Course Design

Blended Course

Course Content

  • Lynx m-Health Introduction Training: provides an overview of the software’s capabilities
  • Lynx m-Health User Management Portal Training: covers basic credential activities such as creating roles and registering new users.
  • Lynx m-Health Pre-Application Training: focuses on preparation processes required to operate the application
  • Additional resources: FAQ

Course Highlights

  • 24/7 availability-Enrolled users have on-demand access to relevant learning content at any time of the day. 
  • Interactive assessments- Enrolled users partake in interactive learning assessments that solidify concepts related to usability of Lynx.
  • Qode certified Lynx user certification- Enrolled users who complete training are certified as qualified users of Lynx.
  • Training videos- Enrolled users have access to short and comprehensive training videos that address certain issues of Lynx. 
  • Easy-to-read PowerPoint presentations- Lynx content is broken into digestible relevant content. 
  • Virtual training sessions- Enrolled users can consult with Qode technical support remotely. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge and competency in Lynx application usability 
  • Apply important application procedures to effectively collect data 
  • Identify and evaluate potential application issues and solve them using appropriate corrective actions


Users will be assessed with MCQ’s, true/false questions, and matching column questions. 


User requires 80% percent overall pass rate to achieve certification. 

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Lynx Application Training features training material for users of Qode Lynx.