Global Gold Microsoft Partner

Qode Health Solutions is well equipped with the latest Microsoft Azure hosting environments to host and analyse user data collected from any location with the highest security and certi?cation standards in a POPIA compliant manner. Qode provides security input related to the POPI Act and all staff within the organisation are POPIA certified and part of the induction process.

In addition to being POPI Act certified and having a MoU with NDoH, part of our partnership through our shareholding is through South African Medical Association (SAMA) who provide regular feedback and legal opinions to Qode and the technology group on data security, specifically related to the health sector.

We follow software and deployment best practises. For the hosting environment, Microsoft® Azure has the following certifications:

Compliance and trust are not an afterthought at Microsoft. They are leaders in this space and help set standards for global and federal organizations around the world. Azure’s strengths are around security, privacy, and transparency and also on how they run the cloud.

Microsoft Imagine Academy

Registered engineers will receive CPD credits for work done as a professional within this category. Activities within the Work-based Category are:

Category 3: Individual Activities

Qode Health Solutions offers free Microsoft accredited computer literacy training through our EDOnline platform to all users valued at R8000. The training features a comprehensive programme that is internationally recognised to support users in enhancing their technological proficiency for improved quality of life. The programme covers basic computer literacy skills, Microsoft Office product training and much more.

Qode Software User Accreditation

Qode Health Solutions certifies trainees of Qode products upon course completion. This ensures that certified trainees are knowledgeable and qualified to deploy Qode applications competently in their respective fields for better service delivery.

Qode Software training platform (powered by TRISCOMS)

This EdTech platform is called TRISCOMS™ (short for Training, Risk and Compliance Management System). TRISCOMS™ is designed to deliver instant insights into user engagement and knowledge increase. Qode EDOnline is a hybrid learning and training platform that provides Healthcare Professionals with the necessary tools and resources to improve patient care and optimise workflows. Through this platform students and/or employees can enrol and be certified without being in an actual training session. Organisations can now easily create web courses that educate learners without attending to a physical training session.

Qode Health Solutions is a MedTech company with a proven track record in the development of ground-breaking software solutions and data management tools in public as well as private healthcare industries. We are taking a more proactive approach in providing organisations, institutions and private environments the tools through technology to create their online training courses and upload this to a secure platform. Through this platform, any organisation can upload their certified training material within minutes to assist in the training of individuals unable to travel or attend training sessions.