Qode EDOnline is a hybrid learning and training platform designed as a comprehensive support service for the systems developed by Qode Health Solutions. Established in 2016 as a software company in Pretoria, Qode Health Solutions is a South African-based Medical Technology (MedTech) company that specialises in software solutions development for the health sector that aid in data collection, analysis, and management of patient data for rapid decision-making, patient care, and management of scarce resources.

Qode EDOnline features training and learning modules with corresponding assessments and certifications specific to Qode products and services. The aim of Qode EDOnline is to equip users of Qode products and services with application insights to effectively deploy Qode systems for better service delivery and patient care. Furthermore, the platform is designed as a healthcare education resource that includes basic computer literacy courses accredited by Microsoft with qualified certifications to empower Healthcare Professionals with computer skills that extend beyond their line of work.

Qode Health Solutions aligns all business activities and product offerings with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to promote the eradication of poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. In congruence with the UN’s SDG’s, Qode ensures that inclusive and equitable education is available for all through our Qode EDOnline platform thus reducing inequalities within the country  and contributing to sustainable cities and communities  using our Health Information Management Systems (HIMS) to increase knowledge, develop competency, effectively manage health data, aid efficient resource allocation, and efficiently report on the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to achieve good health and well-being for all . Furthermore, through our electronic systems, we directly contribute to protecting terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity  by reducing the need for paper-based processes in our environmentally friendly office park where all systems are developed under the environmental guidance of our ONE ENVIRONMENT COUNCIL.

Our Partners

The Pioneering Solutions Studios' (PSS) TRISCOMS® framework is a leader in Education Technology (EdTech) as is used for multinational programs by organizations like the United Nations and private sector alike. TRISCOMS® technology brings best-in-class solutions from various tech stack developers including Microsoft together in one comprehensive cloud-based Professional Development, Training and Education Platform (EdTech platform). PSS' EdTech is empowering professionals, service providers, companies, professionals and councils across multiple industries with innovative, integrated and comprehensive online training and compliance solutions.